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Cryptorare is a next generation NFT Market-Verse & an Ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of Metaverse experiences, bringing the winning combination of NFT and VR Technologies to Real-World use cases.

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299-coins-dollar-outline Fiat gateway

Easy access to digital assets via our own fiat gateway

1388-page-view-quilt-outline (1) Simplified UI/UX

New environment for the users by simplifying the UI/UX

767-exhibition-art-gallery-outline (1) Virtual Gallery

Unique broadcast & showcase through Metarare Gallery & Rareworld

799-cash-only-outline (1) Low Gas Fee & Commission

Marginally less fee for the artwork placement & creation


We are also aware that NFT is far from just content. Hence the Cryptorare Market-Verse is curated in such a way that it contains all the tools necessary to create a new world around NFT’s for every individual

202-chat-outline (1) Socialization

Additional means of communication via P2P chats and discussions

947-investment-outline (1) Financial Leverage

Instruments for leveraging the DeFi Mechanics

1369-gift-card-outline (1) Reward Programs

Token rewards for active participation in the platform lifecycle

26-share-network-outline (1) Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Governance mechanisms for the new decentralized ecosystem


Bringing Real World Utilities to NFT’s for businesses with the security of Blockchain. It is a platform that enables your favorite local business to create customizable memberships, loyalty programs, tickets & redeemable coupons that are all backed by NFT’s. We are intending to establish an ‘Engage to Earn Economy’ for all kinds of businesses through this. For example, as a brewery you’d be able to sell a “Beer-for-Life” NFT and provide a great user-experience and utility for the owner of the NFT whenever they walk-in the door. It’s as easy as the customer showing the particular NFT as a QR Code which will be inreturn scanned by the business and voila!

NFT Finance

The Cryptorare platform can be used for more than flipping NFTs in the Market-Verse.

We are creating a full-fledged secondary market for NFT through the use of DeFi mechanics. A normal Market-Verse alone can only facilitate new content distribution, but an ecosystem like Cryptorare will unlock worldly benefits for all NFT holders and creators by leveraging different financial instruments.

Lease NFT’s

NFT Farming

Fractionalized NFT’s

Collateralized Loans

NFT Staking

Much More


Cryptorare is developing a unique way to experience NFTs. Magnify your NFTs in our full, 3D virtual reality experience. With or without a VR headset, Cryptorare supports multi-platforms. You’ll feel right at home in Metarare Galleries.

Imagine your own virtual gallery. Set the 3D room as you wish. Put your NFTs on the walls. Play your NFT songs and invite your friends to join you in the gallery.

The Metarare Key which will be minted as an NFT can be the access pass to the Rareworld. The Key will be minted in limited number with different editions hence maintaining the scarcity & exclusivity of the hodlers. The Metarare Key is ONE token that can be used across multiple web 3.0 platforms to transform into avatars, game items, exclusive game perks, course material, virtual land access, activate discounts, airdrops & much more! The Metarare Key hodler can participate in the DAO governance and also get access to the Metarare Gallery to conduct & participate in exhibitions, events and other virtual reality experiences.

Jump into Cryptorare’s “Rareworld” to enjoy full metaverse experiences. Buy lands, rent them. Promote your business in slots you own and put up ads. Live stream a concert in rooms that you own or rent, and invite people to join you with a flute of champagne. We are building an infrastructure where the intention and the end goal is to create an parallel economy by amalgamating the physical world to the digital world with the help of Virtual 3D worlds with social experiences, AR Holograms & Virtual goods that would power Cryptorare’s ecosystem in the Metaverse. So, Ready Player One?

METAVAULT is one of the founding Web 3.0 companies who wants to create a complete ecosystem and hence strategically making our place in the finance sector.

Metavault combines a current account, a non-custodial wallet, a peer-to-peer exchange, decentralized loyalty Crypto rewards concept, exclusive Debit Card & much more; all under one user-friendly app. These features combined enable various use-cases that impact our member’s everyday lifestyle. With a mission to bridge the gap between the traditional payment infrastructure and the blockchain, we’re making it possible for owners of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies to spend in any high street store anywhere in the world via the Metavault mobile app and Debit Card, which would be powered by Solana Pay and Mastercard* respectively.


A CSR initiative of Inc to educate people for community building. Education is the passport to the future, being a socially responsible organization, Cryptorare aims to build a better community by educating a decentralized finance system to the community.


The ultimate goal of our team is to create a complete Decentralized Autonomous Organization. We cannot know in advance about all the needs of the community until we understand their incentives. Therefore, at the first stage, there will be created functionality for the community socialization: general chats, private messages, the ability to subscribe and follow interesting people – all this increases the involvement of users on the platform. High user engagement at the first stage of the Market-Verse operation will allow us to quickly implement the DAO functionality.

Strategic Partners

Driving technology for leading brands

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Sourav Samantara, CEO
Shrijeet Pahi, President
BG Banner Roszak, CIO
Mohsin Sid, Tech Lead


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